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This site is my personal outlet for…well, just about anything. Primarily, I’ll be talking about the media/public relations industry as well as social media/Internet/technology. That’s not to say I won’t go ‘off script’ on occasion and discuss other things in my life. I’m a New York Giants fan and currently planning a wedding so those topics may come up once in a while

About Joseph

Joseph (or Joe) is a born and bred New Yorker who’s settled into a career in public relations. With more than seven years in the industry, he’s been at the forefront of the change in the media industry. As the media industry has transitioned from a “push the news” to one that fosters conversation and engagement with their audience, he’s joined in the revolution – leveraging his passion for technology and the Internet. He’s brought this passion and knowledge of the movement to his clients, helping them understand and transition their companies into social enterprises.

He started his career in 2004 at KCSA Strategic Communications where he built a foundation for his career. After about a year and a half, he decided to accept a position with Ketchum where he worked on top notch brands in a variety of industries, ranging from consumer technology, mobile, consumer packaged goods and more. While there he won the New York office’s Headliner Award twice for excellence in media relations.

The next stop in his career landed him at Nokia as a Communications Specialist working on product launches as well as influencer relations. It was here where he truly honed his social media and engagement skill set. About a year ago, he joined Weber Shandwick as a Director in their Global Strategic Media Group, helping clients understand how to leverage social media for executive visibility and to better engage their audience – regardless of if that audience is media, shareholders, consumers or anyone else.

Check out Joe’s LinkedIn profile for more information about his career.

As a technology and Internet “geek,” Joe is always testing the newest social networks and (whenever possible) start ups. He’s active on Twitter, Google+, gdgt and more. Primarily, you’ll find Joe on Twitter throughout the day, connecting with a variety of influencers and folks of similar interests.

In addition to his “professional” interests, Joe is spending time with his fiancee, Laura, and his two (adopted) pups, Ella and Fozzie Bear. Joe and Laura are in the process of planning their wedding (April 27, 2013) so that takes up a good portion of his time. If you’re looking for Joe on a Sunday between Labor Day and the first weekend of February, you’re likely to find him in a NY Giants jersey watching Big Blue take on the elite of the NFL.

As a standard disclaimer, the views published here are Joseph Gallo’s, and his alone. They do not reflect the beliefs, opinions, or position of his employer, and should not be construed as such.

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